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All too often when these words come at the end of the telephone line, it’s an indication that we’ve reached a call centre of some kind. And as businesses grow and expand, the larger they are, the more likely it is they’ve chosen to take this route to customer service.

Today there are large wholesale providers of glass in Australia who have followed the model. They may not have outsourced to overseas, but they employ any number operators to answer the high volume of calls they receive. Absolutely fine, good economics for any business, but so often a source of frustration for the person making the call.

If your query is for a product that is off-the-shelf, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be able to offer you constructive help. If you’re looking for that special glass, perhaps something less commonly seen in the wine industry, they’re are often at a loss. They don’t have the knowledge to go off script, and can’t provide the information as to how a customer might access a product that doesn’t fit the mould.

At least 20% of produces in Australia look to putting their wine, and certainly their prestige wines, into bottles that are of high quality and stand-out design and what they need is that knowledge of the glass industry which can only come from experience in the trade over a number of years. Like anything else, that knowledge has to be learned – and earned – if customer queries are to be answered satisfactorily.

The larger wholesales deal most in larger quantities of glass. They concentrate more often on bottles which meet the standards, naturally, but don’t necessarily offer the range, quality or design that gives a real choice to the wine maker.

Pipwin has a long and successful association with prestige European winemakers. We know who provides what, have access to extensive catalogues and best pricing, and can accommodate most requests for glass of excellence in shapes and colours outside of the standard.

If you’re looking for that special bottle, the one that stands out on the shelf, why not contact us today?

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