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A Glass For All Occasions

Meeting Business Needs with Premium Glass

In these intriguing times of pandemics, wars, and economic uncertainties, businesses face the challenge of balancing their needs with budget constraints. The threat of runaway inflation looms large, making it essential to plan and strategize effectively. For wine makers and bottlers, one critical consideration is the availability of premium glass, especially with the long lead time needed for production and delivery of imported glass.

The Asian Market and Its Influence on Glass Demand

The Asian market, though experiencing a slight thaw in relations with China, has been facing uncertainties. However, there are signs of improvement on the horizon. As the Asian market embraces larger bottles, the demand for various styles of glass, ranging from Extra Flint to Black, remains attractive. The capacities available, from 100ml to 12 liters and even larger, cater to the diverse preferences of consumers.

European Glass Market and its Seasonal Patterns

Europe offers a wide range of glass options, making it a primary source for many wine makers and bottlers. However, with August being the traditional vacation month and vintage season starting in September, the availability of glass may be affected. Nonetheless, European glass suppliers offer diverse finishes, from the Traditional Cork to the BVS Stelvin, allowing for customization and meeting unique demands.

The Urgency of Planning Ahead

Ensuring that the glass your market demands is available in the desired color and the finish requires proactive planning. Relying on hard-copy catalogs is becoming outdated, and obtaining the necessary information can be time-consuming. To address this issue, PIPWIN has access to sourcing a large array of glass options, including Champagne Sparkling Selection, Still Table Wines, Light Weight Ecovac Selection, Rose Selection, Unique 'Tradiver' Tint on Verallia Premium Glass, Spirit Selection, and Olive Oil Selection.

Highlight: Bottle of the Month

This month's highlighted product is the 750ml Sparkling Collio bottle, featuring the BVS/Stelvin screw finish capable of handling 6 bars of pressure. Available in Half White and Uvag (Dark Green) with a unique shape, this bottle is a standout choice for various beverages.

Seamless and Cost-Effective Solutions

Understanding the urgency of meeting market demands, PIPWIN offers swift container delivery to Australian ports at competitive prices. By collaborating with us and discussing your requirements, you can rest assured that all the bottles you need will be readily available.

In conclusion...

Navigating the complexities of the glass market requires foresight and planning. For winemakers and bottlers, anticipating the demand and ensuring access to premium glass is crucial for successful operations. PIPWIN's efficient sourcing and delivery services aim to simplify this process, providing businesses with the right tools to thrive in the market and satisfy consumer needs.

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