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Half a bottle can be better than one

Most wine these days is sold in the familiar 750ml bottle, regardless of the wine being sold. It’s a popular size, providing a good number of glasses when they’re needed. But it’s never popular to not finish the bottle, re-cork or close the bottle, because it just doesn’t taste the same the next day, and forget the day after.

There is, of course, the 375ml bottle, but it’s definitely a one-person size unless it’s a particular abstemious couple! And it’s here that the 500ml bottle finds its place – enough for a decent drink, but not so much that it will be wasted if not finished.

There has been a decided shift in consumption of alcohol generally. Consumers are a lot more aware, and wary, of how much they’re drinking at any given time. This can be for a few reasons, one as simple as recognising the drink-driving laws that are in force and the danger of an accident or losing one’s licence. The other most popular reason is because people on the whole are more health conscious. Wine in moderation is the byword now, and it’s not unusual for people to stick at one or two glasses at most at any one time.

While the 750ml will never lose favour, there is a growing place on bottle shop shelves for the 500ml bottle. The problem is how and where to source it. With the loss of production by the major glass producers in Austrasia, China could be a possible resource. But, even allowing a compromise for the lower quality of product from there, Chinese glass manufacturers really are not interested in producing small runs of the 500ml bottle.

So the usual question prevails: where to go to get good quality glass with a traditional punt, premium weight, BVS or Cork closure options, straight sided or reverse taper produced in Flint or Antique Green colour in smaller runs. And the usual answer prevails: Europe. 500ml bottles in premium glass can be ordered for minimum runs of 30,000. It may cost a little more, but that guarantee of quality and the promise of the number you want makes it a worthwhile investment.

Call Pipwin today to talk about your need for 500ml bottles and, of course, any other glass requirements you might have.

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