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Pipwin has a strong network of the finest Glass and Crown Seal manufacturers throughout Europe.

Keith and his team offer a full turnkey solution to cover all your needs from design, bottle selection and the various options, sampling, arranging freight, transportation and delivery to your warehouse anywhere in Australia and New Zealand so you can look after your business more effectively.

Pipwin’s approach is tailored to every client, they aim to assist clients in finding the most innovative glass bottles to present their wines in, going above and beyond to accommodate their client’s requests and requirements. This includes keeping costs as economical as possible given the market forces and minimum container requirements.

Having been associated with the wine industry for many years including being a part of the family winemaking business, no one knows more about sourcing premium glass from Europe than Keith and his team. He is an importer and supplier to all the well-known winemakers and manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand and understands the entire supply chain to ensure the smooth process of receiving bottles ready to fill.    

The selection of Glass Bottles and Crown Seal is just the beginning. Pipwin has long-standing relationships with Europe’s finest glassmakers including those who offer a bespoke and customised selection. Keith and his team are known for expertly matching your requirements with the best sources available, thanks to his established reputation with suppliers and the industry.  


We would be delighted to assist you in sourcing the best glass bottles for your beverages. 

Please contact us today.  

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