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The future looks rose

With the expansion of Prosecco makers in Europe they now have licence to produce their own lines of rosé. They already dominate the market in the Northern Hemisphere with their signature sparkling wine of Prosecco, commanding sales of which Australia can only dream.

The Australian public’s love affair with sparkling wines produced domestically doesn’t look like waning any time soon. It’s the wine style that predominates in the popularity stakes, a given at any celebration or, indeed, wake. The gentle release of the cork and the rise of the bubbles, the trademark of the sparkling wine, have established themselves solidly here, and they enjoy increasing popularity in overseas markets as well. While white sparkling wine and other styles such as sparkling burgundy are entrenched, the entrance of overseas producers into the rosé arena is a direct challenge.

In Australia in recent years, rosés have been enjoying a new audience, seen more often as a lighter alternative attractive to a younger drinker, a group which represents the future of our industry. We confidently predict sales of sparkling rosé will grow and local producers will be busy keeping up with demand.

All sparkling wines need a bottle that has the necessary tolerance, and this is widely accepted at 8 bars. And the best colour of bottle in which to present this delicately coloured wine is Flint, a colour of glass that isn’t produced in Australia.

Premium bottles of the correct tolerances and in the desired colour are, however, readily available from Europe and Pipwin has access to these glassmakers. We can arrange for your order to be placed and then transported directly to your warehouse at a reasonable cost and takin less tie than you might imagine.

The demand is certainly going to be there, so now is the time to contact Pipwin and explore your options

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