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Striking a deal in Flint

If you’ve ever been to wonderful Spain, you’ll have noticed some parts of the country have a distinctive rocky terrain. It probably contains a large number of flints from ages past, but that’s not the flint we’re talking about here.

The hunt for a reliable source of quality flint bottles is bedevilling the Australian winemaker/producer right now.If it does exist domestically, it’s found a great hiding place.It’s frustrating, to say the least that domestic glass production is growing more and more restricted.

Bottom line: we’d all love to buy Australian, but if Australia doesn’t produce what we want, there’s no alternative but to go offshore.

So why not fabulous, fantastic Spain? Known itself as a country that produces great sparkling wines, Pipwin has a long and strong relationship with one of that country’s premium glass producer – and they have flint enough to light many a spark in a flint-deprived Australian market.

Bottles for prosecco style and cava are perfect for the sparkling wines produced here. And if flint is the exact shade you’re looking for, it’s easily available from Pipwin’s supplier

If you’re more interested in table wines, this is also the place to go. Not only are table wine bottles available in flint, but they have the BVS finish that has become the go-to closure these days.

So maybe think about Spain as your next destination for those elusive flint bottles, whether you’re producing sparkling or table wines. An order placed now would take as little as eight weeks to reach your warehouse, although seasonal conditions can sometimes affect sea transport. Comparatively, the clarity and quality is attractive and certainly more reliable than other off-shore sources, such as Asia.

Learn more about the Spanish alternative. Ring Pipwin and explore the possibilities available to you.

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