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Stop the bottling lines

In many previous articles, we have often referred to the false economies that can be involved when buying glass from Asian sources.Reliability is a huge factor here, not just pressure tolerances or sub-standard moulds.When either of those things are in play, the big thing at risk is the very lifeline of the wine producing business:the bottling line.Designed and calibrated to particular specifications, it doesn’t take too much imagination to see what might happen if a difficulty arose from using the cheaper glass.

It could only take one bottle, one bottle not quite stable or up to required specifications, just that one bottle that is one millimetre out of required specifications. Suddenly, the bottling line stops.

The damage may be slight and easily fixed and at best the time lost and technical adjustments required won’t involve much labour or cost to fix. But if major damage results because of that one bottle, then the consequent financial damage and the amount of time and manhours to remedy the situation will expand to fit into and extract your hard-won dollars from your wallet.

In the worst-case scenario, the damage to the line could be so bad that it completely wrecks not only the machine but your production schedule as well. No one can afford this kind of risk; it is a risk you buy with every bottle that is produced I Asia.

Australian wine producers, while trying to be competitive, still adhere to the “quality first” principle of production and that has to apply not only to the high-tech bottling lines we invest in but the glass that is used on them. The aim of these high-tech lines is maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness whilst reducing the number of staff previously needed to run a line efficiently. However, when something goes wrong – and we’re emphasising that come when cheaper glass is used – the problems can be very costly, both in terms of time and money and particularly when they happen during bottling or post.

On the other hand, in Asia standards too often are not as high, even though high-tech equipment might be employed The emphasis is on a labour-intensive production line focussed on keep costs – and consequently the standards – as low as possible.

By exploring the premium European glass market, you’ll discover there are quality bottles available to meet all you needs. Further, the cost involved might surprise you by not being quite as expensive as you imaged and the choice you have in the design of shape, pressure resistance, closure and colours are much greater than can be found elsewhere. Modern transport means that your order can be with you in a short space of time and modern packaging means the glass is protected from point of order to point of delivery.

Pipwin has been dealing with these premium European companies for many years and has developed long-standing relationships with their personnel. Helping you get what you want at the best price and with the least hassle is our business.

Give us a call now.

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