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SEAL The Deal

The humble crown seal.On the surface, nothing spectacular about it.They’re a dime a dozen, aren’t they, and one brand of crown seal is just like another.It’s an iconic and ubiquitous form of closure and one so familiar to us that we probably don’t give it the attention it deserves.

Crown seals have come along way over the past few decades. As a form of closure, it’s no longer confined to capping beer or soft drink bottles. In fact, it’s not all that unusual to find crown seals not only closing still wine but, with the developments in technology, they can even be found replacing that other iconic closure, the champagne cork.

Pelliconi is a leader in this field. They have devoted years to research and have perfected their brand of crown seals to the point where even the CIVC, the leading authority for and in Champagne, endorses the use of crown seals as a closure for their closely protected sparkling product.

Crown seals promote a high level of retention of pressure, together with an equally high controlled permeability in maturation.

Crown seals are not just an economically attractive form of closure, they bring the reassurance of reliability that equals or even surpasses many alternatives. There’s no heavy expense where bottling is concerned, as most lines are able to carry out the capping process with little or no modifications needed.

The intense research Pelliconi has carried out over the years has placed them as a leading producer of crown seals, with a wide distribution not only in Australasia but across Europe, especially in France and Italy. They have a reputation for producing a product of both high quality and reliability that puts them ahead of the crowd in this field.

Give Pipwin a call a call today and explore the possibilities this attractive and comparatively economical form of closure offers.It could be the answer you’re looking for.

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