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Wandering through the magnificent halls of Versailles, the ornately decorated and etched glass – everything from windows to mirrors to drinking vessels and decanters – stays long in the mind.That such expertise existed over four centuries ago is a testament to the craftsmen of the time.

That expertise still exists and has a strong link to Versaille in the iconic French company, SAGA DECOR, a subsidiary of Saint Gobain Verallia, still operating in France today and still producing quality decoration on glass for its customers worldwide, especially for bottles in the wine industry, but also for any glass container you can think of.

Its no secret that decoration on wine bottles is attractive to customers. They are particular relevant at times of celebration. Not just birthdays, but the buying public look for something different in gifts for all occasions, or just to express gratitude for a job well done or a favour bestowed. Landmark goals reached, academic achievement – the list is endless of those times when a special wine in a special bottle will fit the bill. And nothing quite says “I love you” like a brilliantly decorated bottle of bubbly for an engagement or wedding, or just because it’s what you do ... don’t you?

Think of the impact the Perrier-Jouet “flower bottle” has had on the market, with its delicately decorated bottle. In Europe, more and more wine makers and companies are turning to the decorated bottle to give that extra panache to their product, outstanding decoration for outstanding wines.

SAGA DECOR can provide decoration for your bottles and glass containers in any one of many different ways. They are famously known throughout Europe for the various processes they can provide, including acid etching, coating, metalisation, screen printing and saticoat (frosting). Once you see the quality of their work – and go to the SAGA DECOR LINK to see their gallery – it is no wonder that they have won many prizes in this area, heads above the rest in the field.

While it’s probably a bit late for the coming festive season, the twelve months to next Christmas will pass all too quickly, and before then there are other main occasions to celebrate, such as Easter, when production of a wine in decorated bottles will enhance the reputation of the presentation of that special wine.

PIPWIN is pleased to be the representative of SAGA DECOR in Australia and New Zealand.Why don’t you discuss the possibilities with us, and get your order and designs in place the next year.

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