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Any business carries with it hidden and complex requirements before any product finds its goal. It’s not as simple as having a great idea and, hey presto! it happens.

This is particularly evident in the wine industry... It’s not just a matter of planting a few vines, harvesting, making the wine and bottling it – although those processes in themselves aren’t simple – there are so many other things to be taken into account before any return can be seen on the product into which a great of time and energy has been invested.

Having the land and tending the vines is the first step, followed by careful husbanding to maturity. Labour hire, bottling lines, carefully making and monitoring the wine, all represent a substantial investment of time. Bottles, label and carton design factor into an end product with which the winemaker is satisfied has reached its full potential both from a quality and marketing point of view. Although many are prepared to tackle all of this, the reality is that there is so much to do and so little time!

So when it comes to the bottles and their transport, these days it’s no longer a simple matter of placing an order with a local glass manufacturer, putting down the phone and waiting for their arrival. The ever-shrinking local glass market makes it hard for those who want quality glass to their specifications to consider all the options available, including sourcing the product overseas.

Whichever market the winemaker decides to go with, be it in the questionable Asian area or the highly regarded European one, three things need to be considered: what kind of bottles are required; how much will they cost; and how do they arrive at their destination – your winery. In any one of these cases, the purchaser needs to be reasonably savvy in judging the suitability of the glass, then the financial conditions that influence the price, and the choice of the freight company.

So it’s about logistics, and it can be the most time-consuming thing that has to be dealt with. Finding the glass manufacturer who actually produces the bottle or bottles to the quality, size, style, colour and closure that you want and who can deliver in good time takes time in itself. Next, keeping an eye on the exchange rate is important to delivering at a good price, and this is a volatile area that needs constant monitoring and a good instinct.

Finally, the small matter of arranging freight can be a minefield for the uninitiated. Knowledge of local currencies and the company chosen is crucial to landing the bottles in one piece, at a reasonable price and in the necessary time frame.

There is an alternative to losing sleep over this. Pipwin is highly experienced in the area of freight, having dealt with the premium European glassmakers now for many years and with a familiarity that has been hard won.

Pipwin is a logistics one-stop shop and a call now will give you the luxury of time to concentrate on the important things – like the wine itself!

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