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Lift the Spirits

Adaptation, invention and – dare we say it – innovation:all words that describe the ability of the human animal to shape its life and environment.

We all know how it works at the basic level. Need a book case but don’t feel that what’s on offer in the range suits your style? So grab those breeze blocks and a couple of planks and, voila, a trendy, rustic bookcase, exactly what’s needed to show off that library in your student-retro home. Now, the makers of breeze blocks or indeed planks of wood had no idea when they were manufacturing them that they would be used for anything other than their original purpose. But ingenuity and an eye for unique design decided otherwise.

This principle can be applied to bottling wines. We’re all familiar with the standard shapes and colours which represent the majority of stock on the shelves. Then there are those top-of-the-range brands that have gone with specialised bottles that draw the eye of the consumer.

But how often is the eye drawn to the bottles used for containing spirits? It’s entirely possible there is that stand-out shape that could be perfect for your wine, very adaptable, and by thinking outside this particular box, choices increase significantly.

If you find yourself contemplating the bottle that your favourite whisky, brandy, gin or other spirit has come in, take a moment to think about the impact it might make if you decide to use it as an alternative bottle for your premium wine. Think about the consumer impact it might have how it could enhance sales in both domestic and export markets that easily become jaded and/or confused when wandering the aisles of that huge bottle shop.

It’s feasible and it’s been done before. Pipwin has the resources and contacts to help that choice be easily made from the catalogues of premium European glass producers. With their assistance, the large range of spirit bottles available to the wine maker can be accessed and chosen, and then the finer details worked out.

An order for a 40’ container is the minimum requirement.

Why not get in touch today? It’s a strategy that could work well and be the lever that produces increased sales in our competitive market.

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