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Technical Support


All Pipwin customers are eligible for no-cost technical support. This support is provided in confidence by our consultants in Australia.

Our support covers sourcing products, troubleshooting, and problem-solving at all stages of wine production.

Responses to technical support queries are rapid and comprehensive. Customers wishing to use this email facility are requested to register using the form below.


Technical Support Key Personnel

Keith and Phillipa Treadwell have been involved in the Australasian wine industry for over thirty years.

Keith’s dealings in Europe have been extensive. He has a breadth of experience and knowledge and is an assurance for Pipwin’s clients that they have access to a reliable and expert source to refer to when needing technical support.

Phillipa Treadwell has been a qualified winemaker for many years and her particular expertise is in that field, as well as supporting Keith in the broader areas of Pipwin’s business.

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