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Whiskey Bottles

Leading Importers and Distributors

of Premium Glass Bottles and Crown Seals. 

Pipwin has over 30 years’ experience of expertly sourcing and importing premium glass bottles from Europe. 

Keith Treadwell owner and founder, established Pipwin in 1985 and today no one know’s more about sourcing premium glass from Europe than Keith and his team.  

Champagne on Ice
Wine Bottles
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Sparkling wine
Beer Bottles
Bottle Closures
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Olive oil
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Decorative bottles

Decorated bottles are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, as they make for great gifts for any occasion, be it a celebration, a job well done, or a special achievement. 

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Wine Bottles

What to look for...

Are you looking to source the perfect wine bottle for your beverage? Look no further than Pipwin. We offer a customized service that takes into account all of your preferences, from the type of closure to the weight of the bottle, colour, and shape.

How we work 

Pipwin specialises in creating and importing high-quality glass and crown seals from only the best glass manufacturers in Europe. They have a thorough process in place to ensure you the client has a seamless experience.


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