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An old song but a great sentiment. We’re living in times that are prosperous for many, less so for many more and troubling for all of us, given a world that is beset by the demons of anger and difference. The need to stay positive and pro-active has never been more important.

Here at Pipwin, we’d like to propose that there has never been a better time to be a glass producer or winemaker in this country and our goal is to make sure that that’s the case.

Pipwin’s approach to its client base has never wavered in its positivity. We always seek the new, whilst maintaining a high convenience factor and ensuring customer costs are as economical and as close to the minimum as we can. Our aim is to help our clients present their wines in nothing less than the most innovative of glass and we go to great lengths to accommodate their requirements.

To this end, Pipwin has designed its Web site so you can access the catalogues at a finger’s touch. The full range of product from some of Europe’s finest glassmakers is available. Most importantly, if you want to take advantage of upward trends and fluctuations in the currency market, Pipwin is completely flexible when it comes to placing your order and exploiting those trends. Loading and transport can be quickly and easily arranged, a trouble-free service that means that you, our valued client, are able to look after your business more effectively.

Pipwin is forward thinking – and because we’re here to do it for you, through these pages or in person, your pursuit of that all-important market that is the Australian and overseas wine consumer is positively always in reach.

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Performance under pressure -Pelliconi crown seals for bottle fermented sparkling wine.