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Do you want gin with that

The rapidly growing presence of the UK in the world market is the result of the impressive innovation and aggression their companies, and could pose a very real threat to our own exporters, who have long held sway over the south-east Asian market in particular. They are already in the process of making application for the equivalent of the French appellation for their sparkling whites. With an appellation, the name “Sussex”, will confer prestige on this sparkling, with the likely ability to flatten the fizz from Australian exports.

Add to the mix the world-famous company Tattinger entering into a history-making partnership with British firm Hatch Mansfield, with an eye to produce their own particular brand of UK produced sparkling, and there’s no longer any doubt that the UK is emerging as a major player in the sparkling stakes.

Then there’s GINKING. It sounds like an aperitifs, but this one is something else. It uses the hook, not just of including botanicals in the wine, but a solid belt of gin, a spectacular marketing ploy. Gin is the drink of the moment, particularly with the bright young things. Anything that includes this special spirit will find its place in the bars of London, and will no doubt wend its way through Europe.

Interestingly,Tasmania has gone into the production of gin in a big way. Boutique markets are making quality gins that are beginning to attract domestic attention, and will likely find their level in Europe. Perhaps we should be looking to divert some of the product to an equivalent of GINKING – or something else even more inventive. What is important with GINKING, apart from the liquid itself, - is the label and bottle design, eye-catching and leaving the buyer in no doubt that they’re purchasing an up-market tipple,

Bottles of this quality and design are scarce if not absolutely unavailable domestically in Australia – and enough has been said about the downsides of the Asian alternative. European glassmakers know their business, and because of the larger market they service, they produce quality bottles in colours and shapes that put that mark of distinction on anything they contain.

So if it’s sparkling wine, gin, aperitif, or any other wine or spirit, it makes sense to go to the premium glass producers to get what you want.Pipwin can help you do that, with economy, speed and little fuss.Why not give us a call?

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